Founded in 1974, the Sciliar-Catinaccio/Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Reserve is the first of its kind in South Tyrol. Covering 7,291 hectares, the nature reserve in the western Dolomites gives you a glimpse into a fascinating natural habitat. The highlights at a glance:
  • The Sciliar, emblem mountain of South Tyrol
  • Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Reserve Visitor Centre
  • The “Enrosadira”, the glow of the Alps as they turn pink at dusk
  • The wealth of flora
  • Guided flower tours
  • Easy accessibility
  • Wide range of infrastructure: lifts, buses and mountain cabins

The Sciliar, with the rocky tower of the Santner and the Euringer, is the emblem mountain of South Tyrol. The Sciliar, together with the Catinaccio massif with its countless towers, are famed far beyond the borders of the Dolomites. And on the legendary mountain of the Catinaccio, the “Enrosadira” can be seen in all its majesty at sunset, when the Dolomites glow pink under the rays of the evening sun.

The Nature Reserve Visitor Centre in Tires al Catinaccio/Tiers am Rosengarten provides you with information on the reserve, the geology, fauna and flora. Around 790 flowering plants and ferns are found on the Sciliar, and flower lovers will also discover botanical rarities on a guided walk through the nature reserve in the Dolomites.

The areas which comprise the nature reserve, Castelrotto/Kastelruth, Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern and Tires al Catinaccio/Tiers am Rosengarten, are well connected to each other by bus and easily accessible. The excellent infrastructure of the area includes the Seiser Alm cable cars and the numerous mountain cabins in the Seiser Alm holiday area.