In the 9th edition of the Alpe di Siusi Half Marathon in 2022 there will also be a Charity Run, a race for people who are not on the sunny side of life.

As we are enthusiastic about the idea of getting back to life through running, we have decided to support the organisation RYLA - RUN YOUR LIFE AGAIN! Once again, 21 breast cancer patients will run in the half marathon, supervised by medical staff and a surgeon from the IOV. For every kilometre run, we are looking for a sponsor who will donate 200 euros to the project. The donated amount will be given by RYLA to the Veneto Oncological Institute for research, treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

If you too would like to support this great initiative, please feel free to contact us and donate 200 euros. In return, the sponsors will be presented on the website with a link and will be kept for one year.


The project was founded by Sandra Callegarin, a patient at the oncological institute in Padua who, during her illness, discovered a new source of life energy and impetus to fight the disease through running. She decided to share her experience of illness and of running with others, and to bring life to a project which would spread hope and which would raise money for breast cancer research. She and her husband founded the “Run Your Life Again – RYLA” organisation: She put together a team of women, accompanied by medical staff from the IOV oncological institute, to run the 2016 New York Marathon after the challenge of overcoming the illness. After the success of New York 2016, the team carried on running, and continue to take part in running events to raise money for breast cancer research.

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